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Your results and satisfaction are our number one priority, however, we understand that one size doesn't alway fit all. Choose from 3 plans designed to help you grow with us & only upgrade when you've see a great initial ROI.

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How eComni Suite Works To Supercharge Your E-commerce Store Revenue

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Powerful SMS &

push notifications

Cutting-edge AI analysis

& optimization

Harness the power of AI with our advanced tools. For content, our SMS Assistant crafts spot-on messages, while the Subject Line Assistant suggests magnetic email headers tailored to your intent. Engage in real-time chats with smart suggested responses and make every email feel uniquely curated with personalized product feeds. But we don't stop at creation. Compare your performance with industry benchmarks, test content variations effortlessly, and let us pinpoint the best time to reach your audience. 

Step up your engagement game with robust SMS and push notifications. Whether you're reaching out with timely offers, reminders, or essential updates, we ensure your message breaks through the noise. We craft compelling texts that resonate, while our push notifications grab attention in real-time, right on users' lock screens. It's not just about sending a message; it's about creating moments that matter. With our tailored content and optimal timing, we consummately help brands connect more deeply, driving both engagement and action. 

Tried & tested email automation flows

Imagine emails that always hit the sweet spot, right when they're needed most. That's the magic of our tried and tested email automation flows. They've been fine-tuned over time, ensuring your brand's message lands perfectly every time. From welcoming new subscribers to reminding them about that forgotten cart, these flows are designed to engage and convert. It's a blend of smart tech and genuine connection, making sure every email feels personal and purposeful. So, you get the best of both worlds: efficiency and authenticity.

Supercharge Your DTC Customer Retention

& Revenue With Our Fully Managed Marketing Comms Suite

Who Is eComni Suite For?

All plans include monthly reporting plus regular review & discussions on improvement suggestions.

Welcome to eComni Suite, the omni-channel marketing service your ecommerce store needs to increase backend revenue. Our omni-channel approach leverages email, SMS, and mobile push notifications to create a powerful marketing solution. With our promise to triple your investment back within six months or your money back, you can't afford not to try it.

We’re Passionate About Bridging The Gap Between Brands & Their Audience By Deploying Cutting-edge Omni-Channel Solutions Which Boost Revenue & Profitability.

Maximizing Backend Marketing for Established E-Stores

For established Shopify & Woo Commerce stores, there's a world of untapped potential waiting in backend marketing. If you're a business that's been consistently pulling in an average revenue of $30,000/mo over the past six months, with a solid frontend marketing and traffic strategy in place, it's time to think deeper. Imagine adding another 10-25% to your revenue without the hassle of learning, building, and optimizing a whole new marketing infrastructure. If you've felt the sting of dwindling marketing performance, with those once-impressive email and SMS open rates taking a nosedive, you're not alone. But here's the thing: it doesn't have to be that way.

A Growth Partnership with Long-Term Vision

We're not about quick fixes or overnight success stories. We're here for businesses that recognize the goldmine in optimized backend marketing and are ready to invest in a strategy guaranteed to triple their investment in just 3-6 months. If you believe there's room for improvement in your backend marketing, and you're looking for a win-win growth partnership, then we're speaking the same language. We're here for businesses with a mid-to-long-term growth mindset, ready to evolve, adapt, and soar to new heights together.

Delivery Issues?  We Can Fix That.

Navigating the Pitfalls of Poor Email Deliverability For DTC

For e-commerce brands, poor email deliverability isn't just a minor setback; it's a significant blow to potential sales, engagement, and profitability. Imagine crafting compelling offers and content, only to have them vanish into the digital abyss, never reaching your intended audience. 

That's where our "Email Health Check & List Revival" service steps in. We employ a blend of advanced technical strategies and tailored engagement techniques to fix deliverability and ensure your emails not only reach the inbox but also resonate with your audience. The result? A rejuvenated email strategy that drives higher engagement, increased opens, clicks, and a noticeable increase in revenue.